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Tárnok parish, a medieval settlement with incomparable geographical endowments was a stock for products delivered for royal courts and a habitat for their caretakers. 

During the ravage of the Turkish, the parish became depopulated, even its church devastated leaving only ruins behind.


In the past centuries, by abusing the geographical endowments wine-making areas have been created along with wine-vaults with a certain ambience as a derivative of family quarries.  Today the string of wine cellars in Öreghegy is an astonishingly beautiful holiday area with hundreds of wine-press houses.


Dr István Gergely, mayor



The aim of Pincesor Ltd. is to expose this unique string of wine-vaults with its rare geographical endowments, along with supplying a scene to present the high quality wines of all Hungarian wine-growing areas, and making cultivated wine consumption possible. We provide an opportunity to visit one or more vineyards and have a fine pleasant meal, while consuming or purchasing wine rightaway.


Our experts offer our dear guests the wines of distinction of the vineyards of Hungary. We welcome Hungarian and foreign individuals, groups, enterprises, institutions, companies and special gatherings, either with cold or hot meal as required.


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Térkép és kép alatt névjegy: Márton Cseh - Viniculture Manager

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Our wine tasting offer


1, Tokaji (6 sorts)

Wines of outstanding vintages with a unique quality, from our wine region declared a world heritage site.  


2, Red Devils (6 sorts)

Selected red wines from the best wine growing areas of Hungary, including Villány, Eger and Szekszárd.


3, Hungaricum (6 sorts)

The renaissance of forgotten Hungarian traditional grape sorts and wine-making technologies.



4, Balaton (6 sorts)

Discovering the greatest lake of Central Europe via its finest wines.



5, Villányi (6 sorts)

Evocating a mediterranean atmosphere from one of the best red wine regions of Hungary.


6, World sorts (6 sorts)

The particular qualities of international varieties in Hungarian wine regions.


7, „Wine wandering”

The wines of Hungary


Discover the best wines of Hungary with the help of our experts. A collection of wines with a unique quality of 22 wine regions of Hungary.


"Ha szomjazik a kultúrára"

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- "Ha szomjazik a kultúrára"
Telefonszám: 30-226-89-64
Faxszám: 23-355-901
E-mail: info[kukac]